About us


Home base wood works was founded in 2002 E.C to engage in manufacturing of wide range of wooden material. Initially the owner of the company started the business at a registered capital of birr 100,000.00. Afterwards, as the demand for the product of the company goes higher, it becomes necessary to increase the production capacity. As a result the company launched the expansion project comprise acquisition of digital wood working and painting machineries.

Our Factory compound is located in Oromia special zone; Legetafo area and the show rooms are Located in Addis Abeba city near Gurd shoal and Lebu Muzkika sefer area. By the existing conditions the factory has the capacity to produce two projects per day. This includes 20 doors, 2 solid wood door, 4 kitchen cabinets, 8 cupboards, 2 walk - in closet, hand rails (28m) and parquets (85m2). Furthermore, we are running to make increase the production capacity in to 4 projects per day in the coming two years



Our vision is to become the desire not just only choice of our clients through excellence in all furniture products and being leading Furniture Company in east Africa by 2025.


We make different furniture products designed functionality in mind as well as design based on customer demand. We develop and manufacture furniture of high quality with on time delivery and at affordable price; we endeavor to create value to our esteemed customers, suppliers, employees and communities at large; through production and assembly of high quality furniture products.

Core value

  • Professionalism
  • On Time delivery
  • Quality of excellence
  • Work force safety
  • Partnership up and down the supply chain

Contact Information

Please feel free to reach us using the following address.

We are happy and glad to answer all your questions.


Mobile: +251-911-247-884 

Phone: +251-116-474-803

Email: info@homebaseethiopia.comhomebaseethiopia@yahoo.com

Gurd Shola Branch CMC Road, Meher Building

Ground floor near Ethio Telecom, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia